About Us

What We Do

SysteMajik provides a variety of development and production applications.  We deal with mid-sized applications. Recent applications have involved Java front-ends to Oracle Databases.


  • Database modelling, implementation, and maintenance
  • Oracle installation, tuning, and maintenance
  • Query optimization
  • Standards development
  • Reference data loading


  • Application and security design and implementation
  • WebLogic and Tomcat implementation and maintenance
  • Configuration and release management
  • Tool selection and deployment
  • Software source configuration management

System Administration

  • Production monitoring and support
  • UNIX server configuration, and maintenance
  • Production server selection
  • Development server implementation and maintenance
  • EMail and DNS configuration
  • Java GC Tuning

Our Goal

To implement and share processes which lead to successful application deployment.

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SysteMajik Consulting Services
24 Edenvale Dr
Kanata ON Canada K2K 3L4

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
Arthur C. Clark

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